“Got a problem with your network? Need a solution? Then give us call”

We are experts in a multitude of  broadcast and telecommunications systems and specialise in telemetry and network management. Whether it be fibre optic, microwave radio, television or radio broadcast, network related or you're not sure what, we can probably help.

Rack Build and Prototypes

“We have extensive workshop facilities where we can build or prototype many different assemblies for use in the telco and allied industries”

From a few relay bases on a panel with some screw terminals, to a full broadcast regional playout centre suite of racks we can build it from scratch. Even better, once we've built it, we'll even install it for you, and set it up and test. Send us an ad-hoc sketch and we'll turn it into reality. We have simple metalwork facilities for fabrication of crates and sub-assemblies, and for more complicated builds have access to more sophisticated facilities.

Specialist Workshops

“As well as our build and fabrication workshop we also have RF and surface mount technology facilities”

From component level fault finding and repair, to tunes ups, test and calibration we can probably help you. We work with a range of equipment from baseband audio and video to RF and power systems. There are few aspects of technology we have not tamed.

Hands-On Installation

“We specialise in on-site installation services for the broadcast and telecoms industries”
Commtronix Testing Knockmore Transmitter

Commtronix Performing Test and Commissioning Service

From a box on the wall with a few relays to a whole suite of racks or transmitters we can install it for you.

Being intimately familiar with the broadcast and telecoms industries and of the needs of companies like Arqiva, Virgin Media, and radio and TV companies, we are able to work in that demanding environment without risk to other services.

Why employ any old electrical contractor to do your installation work, when you can employ Commtronix with 20 years of knowledge and experience in the broadcast field? Whether it is a room of server suites, multiplexers, playout systems, audio and video patching and switching, Master Controls and Lines rooms, we've been there and done that.

We will work in any environment and fully understand how important it is to keep your other services up and running whilst work is in progress.

De-installation (WEEE recovery/disposal)

“At the end of life you must ensure that all electrical equipment is properly recovered and disposed of in an approved manner”
Commtronix Personnel undergoing Fork Lift Training

Commtronix personnel usergoing fork lift training

As an Environment Agency registered and licenced waste handling company, and in collaboration with our WEEE certified disposal partners we can take the headache out of equipment disposal. There are many companies out there who claim to be IT and electrical disposal companies, but would you trust them to work alone in the heart of your business, stripping out redundant equipment without disturbing ongoing live services?

With our 17th Edition electrical qualification we can disconnect and certify power connections, stripout the equipment, transport it to our WEEE recovery partners, and provide you with a paperwork trail and certified evidence of destruction.

As certified fork truck operators you can be confident of our ability to safely remove the bulkiest of electrical assemblies with little fuss. What's more, you can even get a refund on the values of recovered metals once all processing has been completed.

Once the equipment is removed, we will make good the surroundings, such as false floors, gas-tight fire rated rooms and apertures, fixtures and fittings. Our waste handling licence and our own transport means we can just as simply collect your waste electrical equipment from site, and deliver this to our WEEE recovery partners if you so desire - something you can not undertake yourself without the appropriate licence and registration.

From one single computer to an entire broadcast station or Telecommunications Point of Presence (POP) we can dismantle and recycle it for you.

Networks and Wireless

“Commtronix are trained fibre installers and have our own splicing, termination and testing equipment”

We are Cisco literate, and can offer a full range of installation and testing facilities for data distribution. As well as small scale campus type and office networks, we have a wide range of experience in long-haul networks, including PDH, SDH, ATM and WDM systems and multiplexing, both electrical and optical. We have worked with many manufacturers of microwave radio systems and related equipment, for both local-access and trunk backhaul including network management and monitoring. We have provided interface capacity for all five major UK mobile networks, including working with distributed antennas and in-buildings solutions.

Telemetry, Monitoring and SCADA

“Allied Industries - with a strong background in the Broadcast and Telecomms industries we also undertake work in other fields”

The personal backgrounds of our directors in water, utilities, railways, M.O.D and other communications fields places us in an ideal position to provide services to many other industries. Anything that can be envisaged as a network, or requires installation or commissioning facilities is within our scope of expertise. Telemetry and networks are common across many fields, and our breadth of knowledge of different working environments makes us the ideal company for you to deal with.

Since the final years of his communications engineering degree, one of our directors, Alan Beech, has been heavily involved in telemetry, monitoring and control along with related SCADA (Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition) and instrumentation systems.  Projects have included:

  • Logging flow rates in public sewers
  • Monitoring external climate conditions in steel fabrication plants.
  • Monitoring for residual radioactivity in effluent discharge from atomic research plants.
  • Monitoring environmental characteristics on fish farms.
  • Significant involvement in developing one of the most advanced telemetry networks in Scotland’s water industry during the early 1990's pushing the wireless and PSTN technology of the time to the limit.
  • Development of bespoke hardware and software solutions during his time with NTL in the mid/late 1990's to provide economical means of monitoring remote telecommunications infrastructure across the UK as the new age network rolled out.

There are few areas of the telemetry industry that he has not experienced. He's even provided monitoring and control automation for breweries – and took the free samples home afterwards!

His skills are as hands-on and wide ranging as they come –  writing bespoke software for protocol conversion (having first “hacked” bespoke protocols using data logging and analysing equipment!), tracing and finding current sinking/sourcing and ground loop faults on 4-20mA loops, solving countless interface issues with the addition of a magic “black box” and climbing ladders with drill in hand to install new antennas to improve radio-telemetry coverage!

Arqiva Knockmore Mast

Knockmore Transmitting Station

Commtronix Temporary Telemetry Installation

Commtronix Temporary Telemetry Installation

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